Taking advantage of the technological revolution and keeping pace with methodologies already in use by the international university community, online digital education allows the trainer of church leaders to reach globally and act locally. If I am teaching fifteen students who are present in my class in Miami, why not at the same time reach fifteen thousand potential pastors and leaders in any corner of the globe by beaming that class into his home or church through the internet? The solution in which CITA-EDU is actively engaged is preparing the complete Masters in Divinity seminary curriculum in Spanish, uploading it to our website in multi-media formats and offering it free to the world.


Using CITA-EDU’s online digital education the student can remain at home, keep his job and continue to grow and serve in his local church. Ideally he can seek mentoring from his pastor, or if he is already a pastor, he can continue his education even while serving. Many pastors in our network have already gathered large groups in their churches whom they are educating with CITA materials, which are available, convenient and easy to use. CITA-EDU online digital education helps to meet the need for mutually sharing resources among church leaders and denominations internationally. It allows the church to aggressively accelerate its desperate need to equip leaders and pastors with a high-quality education. Remaining appreciative of the solid foundation of conventional methods, CITA-EDU sees online digital education as the trend and the present reality for meeting the need for equipping church leaders for Spanish speakers on a large scale, locally and globally.