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Reproduction Policy

Royalty-Free Reproduction

 CITA-EDU, INC permits and encourages the reproduction and free distribution of its DVDs, USB flash drives and other reproducible media for certain types of missions use. CITA-EDU, INC requires no royalty payments for such reproduction and distribution.

To qualify for royalty-free reproduction, media reproductions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Media reproduction of CITA materials may be distributed to all who desire to learn.
  • Media reproductions must not be sold for any amount.
  • Media reproductions may be in full or in part, but may not edit or alter the content of the original CITA-EDU, INC production.

To request a royalty-free reproduction grant for a use that does not comply with the foregoing guidelines, or to receive clarification of the policy regarding a particular use, please email

Royalty-Due Reproduction

If you would like to reproduce CITA-EDU, INC curriculum, but your use does not fall within the guidelines outlined for royalty-free media reproduction, please email

Your email should explain:

  • The scope and format of the reproduction you intend.
  • The country in which the reproductions will be used.
  • The nature of the use (e.g., school, private individuals, etc.).
  • The cost of reproduction, and any financial compensation you will receive for the reproductions.