The courses are freely accessible, and anyone is welcome to study them at their own convenience and pace. The courses are designed to be used by individuals, churches, study groups or regional training efforts. Groups offer a better learning experience.

CITA-EDU is a publisher, not an educational institution; therefore, the conscientious student is urged to find a study site or seek out his pastor as mentor.

The underlying philosophy is that church leaders and pastors can be trained in an organic disciple-making local church environment without compromising or reducing quality or scope of the content being taught.

Though not an accredited academic institution, CITA-EDU imitates the accreditation requirements of courses taught at accredited seminaries.

Local study sites are able to offer a certificate of completion for students satisfactorily completing a specified set of courses.

We upload a detailed study guide to assist the student in following the video lecture. Included on the website is a syllabus with assignments, exams and a schedule of classes.

Many of our study sites are using the latest technology for matriculating and supervising their students in the educational process.

Major denominations very satisfied with the results, are happily ordaining pastors trained in these organic settings.