To: Dr. David Moran,

I would like to thank you for your dedication in preparing classes on line for the Hispanic World. We serve our Community here in Coral Springs Broward County with ESL (English as a Second Language). In our ESL program we have represented families from every Latin Country from North, Central and South America and Spain included. We invite our students to participate in these classes.

Cita classes have been instrumental in mobilizing our volunteers to serve, love, care for one another and our community at large. We have adults going to volunteer in addiction centers, visiting the sick in the hospitals, providing Food for the community, preparing school supplies for needy children, presents during Christmas for our Local schools and the community.

Cita classes help to prepare leaders in our local Church and for future Church Plants. These classes are perfect with such busy schedules of working men and women. They can watch the Classes when their individual schedule allows them to and then they meet with the mentor to go over any question they may have. These classes allow our students to Watch, Hear, Write, and have a conversation / discussion to better understand the material.

So enthusiastic am I about the online CITA classes, that I have successfully encouraged other Spanish speaking pastors in our community to use the videos to train their leaders.

May the Lord continue to strengthen you in this great project that will benefit the strengthening of our communities.

In Christ

Pastor Pablo H. Toledo

Assistant Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Coral Springs (Pastor of Spanish and ESL International)

Chairman of the Missions Committee of the South Florida Presbytery


In need of a program for the theological foundation of pastors in our newly formed denomination, I was introduced to David Moran. What a surprise!  Here was someone who spoke our language, and though possessing a very high level of theological knowledge, presents the topics in a very simple form. This fascinated everyone; all our churches are very happy with him. Upon evaluating his video courses, we realized that CITA-EDU was the training tool we had been looking for. I am currently preparing seven mentors for guiding students through the CITA curriculum and have a goal of opening study centers in 27 cities throughout Columbia and Ecuador. The beauty of the CITA material is that it is accessible (free on the web), easy to use, understandable, practical and meets seminary academic standards.

Rev. Leonel Ortiz
Iglesia Reformada Betania
Villavicencio, Colombia

We at Mission to North America are thankful for the entrepreneurial work of CITA-EDU to provide online the Masters of Divinity curriculum for training Hispanic church leaders and pastors for the tremendous harvest of Spanish speakers in the US and abroad. CITA’s founder David Moran is a pioneer in Hispanic ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America and a valuable missiological resource for training and church planting. MNA enthusiastically supports Dr. Moran and the ministry of CITA-EDU with our prayers and financial resources

Fred Marsh – MNA
Associate Coordinator
Mission to North America (MNA)

To: Rev. David Moran

Brother David, my name is Felix Ruiz, I am a Pastor at a local church in Margate, Florida. Even though I have a sufficient theological base, I have struggled to bring out the right format in which to transform sheep into disciples. A friend of mine told me about and I only previewed one lesson and was surprised at how easy and explainable the important things of the gospel became to digest not only to new Christians, but also to ones that have been church goers for decades. This program will be implemented in small groups in houses as the basis for badly needed leaders with a strong foundation in Biblical facts and understanding.

I will also take this program to over 24.000 churches in Haiti where sound doctrine is the answer to the problem which is not only lack of food and opportunity, but also lack of properly trained leaders manifesting the gospel of our Lord Jesus the Christ as the only way, the absolute truth, and the only one with the words of life. Once again brother David we thank you for the outstanding vision and perseverence you have demonstrated in this tremendous and transforming project. We will be praying not only for you but also for Citaedu to have the same positive person changer effect through out the world in different languages that it brought to our church in just 2 lessons. Thanks and God bless!


Rev Felix Ruiz

Holy Holy Holy Assembly